Exclusive interview with Vanessa Selbst (English Version)

Vanessa Selbst has something that not everyone has: the admiration of his colleagues. She divides her time between his passions: playing poker and studying law at Yale. She achieved great results in the Series WSOP and won several tournaments. Interested in politics and various sports. We present here a great poker player, born in New Jersey, on July 9, in 1984: Vanessa Selbst in www.hablandodepoker.com You have a high prestige in the World of Poker. Many admires you. How … Read more

Alexander Kravchenko: Poker Biography (English version)

Alex Kravchenko
Alex Kravchenko

Completing his education, he became an astute businessman and quickly found success, along with the ability to invest in various businesses in Russia. But it was during his leisure time that he took up blackjack and began to frequent gaming establishments. He did well at the game and moved on to Oasis, a form of poker that was similar to Caribbean Stud.
Alexander Kravchenko’s Profile

However, he couldn’t help but notice the trend in the late 1990’s that involved poker. Kravchenko realized the level of skill that was involved and the game and quickly set about studying it. He began to play primarily hold’em in casinos, and the money he made eclipsed that from his businesses, so the focus of his energies centered on poker tournaments going forward. By 1997, he was a recognized player in local establishments, and his tournament play began to show results in 1999.

The first tournament series Kravchenko played was the Moscow International in December of 1999, and he made final tables of three events, two of them hold’em and one of them seven-card stud. By 2001, he was traveling to more events, final tabling tournaments at the Open Championships of Russia in St. Petersburg, the Vienna Spring Festival, the Austrian Masters, the Autumn Tournament in Paris, the Winter Tournament Olympia in St. Petersburg, and the Helsinki Freezeout. He claimed victories at the Olympia and the Moscow Open that year as well.

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Biografía de Michael Mizrachi

 Michael Mizrachi

Michael Mizrachi, de origen judío iraquí, nació el 5 de enero de 1981 en Miami, Florida. Quería ser médico pero dejó la universidad para dedicarse al poker a tiempo completo. Tiene tres hermanos, y dos de ellos se dedican al poker profesional. Se trata de Robert Mizrachi y su gemelo Eric.

Actualmente vive en Florida con su mujer y sus dos hijos.



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