Catch the EPT Grand Final Live on TV

Pokerstar TV - EPT Final

The European Poker Tour (EPT) Grand Final begins in Madrid this week and we will be broadcasting exclusive almost-live cards up* coverage of the Main Event via our webcast on Pokerstars.TV

The broadcast will begin with cards down, but when we get down to four players coverage will stop and resume with hole cards up at 08:00 ET. The Main Event coverage will then be followed by the Champion of Champions event(webcast only).


Show Where Date & Time
EPT Grand Final, Madrid – Final Table (Cards Up) May 12th (08:00 ET)

Show: Where: Date & Time:
EPT Grand Final, Madrid – Champion of Champions May 13th (06:00 ET)
Get inside the minds of some of the world's best players with our exclusive cards up coverage.

Enjoy the tourney!