Exclusive interview with Alexander Kravchenko, a monster in the World of Poker

Alex Kravchenko
Alex Kravchenko

Exclusive interview with Alexander Kravchenko, a monster in the World of Poker
Alexander Kravchenko is undoubtedly one of the best players in the world. Complete where you look, he has been playing poker for 14 years, not just Texas Holdem, but also in other modalities. He had great results in his career, especially he won the WSOP bracelet in 2007, in the event # 9, Omaha Hi Low. We present you a short but interesting exclusive interview to a player of the first level, days before leaving to participate in the WSOP.

How did you start in the world of poker?
I was a professional gambler - mostly blackjack against casino.

Did the fourth place in the main event in the WSOP 2007 was an inflexion point in your proffesional carrer?
No. It was just a big, maybe even a huge score, but overall it didn’t changed my career at all.

What means to you to be a PokerStars Team Pro?
I think it’s very prestigious to be a Team Pro, also they are paying me some money for this advertising.

What is you most love about poker?
Competition and possibility to show your mental strength.

At the time to make a decision, how do you mix this ingredients: statical probabilities, reading te other players, opponents´ stack?
As a very experienced player, i’m taking to the account all the factors, but the most important, with no doubt is poker mathematics and probabilities.

How many time do you dedicate to poker in a day? How do you organizate your schedule for the year?
A lot. Maybe average of 6-7 hours a day. Through the year, i’m playing all the big live events, and when i’m there - i play some live cash game also. In between, i play a lot online on Pokerstars.

¿Do you know Argentinian Poker? ¿What do you know about Argentina?
I don’t know much about poker in your country, probably i know only 2 players
from Argentina: Nacho Barbero and Leo Fernandes. About the rest - i know a lot about the argentinian football, in fact i’m routing for Argentina during the World Cups against any team, except Russia. Also i like a lot argentinian steaks, when i’m in Moscow - use to visit El Gaucho restaurant (View Picture).

The WSOP is starting, ¿What are your expectations for this year?
I expekt that there will be more players then before in all the events, except the Main Event. WSOP now is probably the best possibility for all the US ex-online players to play poker.

What is the best and the worst thing of begin Proffesional Poker Player?
The best - you could be winning good money for nice living, the worst - you have to sit on a chair a lot.

What tips you can give to the youngs amateur advanced players who dreams with being a Proffesional Player?
Very simple - just study the game a lot.


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